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March 6, 2010, 9:44 pm
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FEARN – Freeze Edinburgh Allotment Rents Now

This post is devoted encouraging Edinburgians to fight against the proposed rental increases set out in the City of Edinburgh consultative document “Cultivating Communities: A Growing Challenge – An allotments strategy for the City of Edinburgh (2010-2015)”. The full document can be downloaded hereor see Links

Tucked away on page 29 is Table 6: Proposed allotment rent increases over next five years with the following projection:

Full plot

2011 £70

2012 £80

2013 £90

2014 £100

2015 £100

The fact is that Edinburgh allotment rents have already doubled over the last 5 years from £30 to £60. This far outstrips the rise in cost for any other amenity run by the Council. To continue this punitive policy is madness.


· Contact your councillor – remind them that our elected representatives are there to rein in the beurocrats when they get carried away with their own power. If in doubt you can Search for your councillor or  see Links

· Respond to the consultation objecting to the increases email: parks@edinburgh.gov.uk

· Let FEDAGA (The Federation of Edinburgh and District Allotments and Gardens Associations) know that they do not have the support of their members when they agree to higher rents. email to: andrewglass@blueyonder.co.uk

You might want to mention that :

· To keep pace with inflation (RPI) in the last five years rents should have gone up by £4.20. In fact they have gone up by £30.

· If the council tax, road tax or TV Licence fee had gone up by the same rate there would be uproar.

· Far from disadvantaging future allotment holders keeping rents low is in their interest too!

· Present allotment holders cannot be blamed for the Council’s inability to respond to the new demand ( I recall being told there was a two year waiting list back in 1989!)

· Allotment holders make considerable investment in time, effort and money in order to increase the fertility, sustainability and biodiversity of their plots. They are the best custodians and should not be treated so badly by their landlords, City of Edinburgh Council.

FEDAGA have acted without the support of their members by agreeing to above inflation rises in allotment rents for each of ten successive years. Like turkeys they are voting for an early Christmas.  Consultation means that if we Edinburgh Allotment Holders don’t kick up a fuss now (via our elected representatives and the media) we will only have ourselves (and FEDAGA) to blame.

Act now!